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[2015] While We’re Young: TV Spot #1
[2015] While We’re Young: TV Spot #2

I have added over 100 photos from last night’s New York Premiere of While We’re Young. My thanks to Holly for this first batch of photos. I will add more later.

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Appearances: 2015: March 23 – While We’re Young Premiere (New York City)

Amanda’s play The Way we get by starts on April 28th. Today you can now by your tickets for any showing between April 28 – June 14 HERE If you can be sure to go and support Amanda in this exciting endeavor.

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Appearances: 2015: March 17 – Arriving/Leaving The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Today Amanda Seyfried Fan has been online for eight years! We launched back in 2007 and have been going strong every since. Thank you so much to all the fans that have supported the site over the years. To those that have donated and shared news and fan encounters. We couldn’t be what we are without you. And of course to Amanda for being the reason this site is here. It’s been a joy to make and work on this site and to watch Amanda’s career grow and blossom into what it is today. I can’t wait to see what else to come her way in the years to come. I have put a new layout up here and in the gallery thanks to my friend Kaci. Over the last few days have also added over 30 new videos to our ever growing Video Archive. There’s now over 200 videos there.

There is more that I need to add (some donations and such that I haven’t gotten to yet) but they will be added soon. Thank you again everyone for visiting and supporting the site over the years.